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Nearshore Software Development Services

Our approach

A lot of companies go offshore for software development but most fail. So, why will you be different?

Long-Term Thinking

Deliver results to the stockholders on a fixed budget.

    Welcome to every CIO’s biggest challenge: Commodity, salt mines, headcount. Resources, contractors! Sounds cold and heartless, doesn’t it? It’s because that’s been the mentality of utilizing offshore software development companies in the past. Sure, you can get a decent hourly rate. But, once you add up the cost of communication , delays, rework, and management over-site…it didn’t save you as much as it looked like on paper.
    We're different. Check us out.

Collaboration Tools

Doing business from a distance is easy.

    You can’t just pull a few people into a room and have an ad-hoc white-board discussion on-the-fly either. It takes a bit of planning and a whole lot of discipline. We’ll help you to be a successful business that is productive and effective even though the distance. Rich collaboration tools help bridge the distance and communication challenges. Our clients utilize VoIP phones, video conferencing systems, and other desktop collaboration tools to make your remote office seem like it's next door.

Inherent Advantages

Some things just come standard... as it should be

    Some advantages of doing business in Costa Rica just come with the territory,  The time zone is the same! No more middle-of-the-night meetings with your remote software development team in a far away land; you can pick up the phone and get an answer to a question immediately. Excellent Universities in Costa Rica produce highly skilled professionals that pride themselves in being the best in the world.

Understanding Diversity

Sure, we know our differences -- but how about our similarities?

    We don’t try and change each other, but rather learn how to respect each other for being unique. Our clients and employees are introduced to “Cultural Sensitivity Training” courses. Our employees also are provided with an English teacher / instructor as part of their employee benefits package.

Facilities and team


Paradise for Geeks

Amazing People... Amazing Talent... Amazing Country... and the happiest people on the planet!


Not just partners... Friends!


What we offer?

Administrative Services

There are several advantages to leveraging our Administrative Services, including sharing of Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Recruiting, HR, and Benefits activities spread across several clients.

Having multiple clients under the Informatech Costa Rica umbrella also provides better leverage in purchasing and negotiating agreements (for benefits, network and bandwidth to name a few significant items).

Also, you can rely on the fact that we are conducting business in a legal fashion and are following all the local Costarican laws.

We will continue to consult with you to help you avoid the pitfalls of conducting business remotely so you can be successful in this endeavor.

Build, Operate and Transfer

This model allows clients to assume ownership of the employees and facilities after a certain period of time. If your ultimate goal is to have your own operation in Costa Rica, then you want to consider this model as a method to achieve that objective.
Informatech Costa Rica will consult with you to get your business operation setup both physically with facilities build-out, as well as the legal entity and everything that goes along with conducting business legally in Costa Rica. All investment and out of pocket start-up costs are the responsibility of the Client, and Informatech Costa Rica will act in the capacity of management consultants to guide you through the complexities of this process. This process would take several months to complete and you will operate under our business entity until the facilities and legalities are setup and ready. At that point, it will be transferred to the you directly for a reasonable transfer fee. After that, you will have a fully-functioning remote software development office of software engineers that you can be proud of. Gotta love the rainforest!

Turn-Key Operation

Clients can simply engage Informatech Costa Rica to handle the entire operation in a turn-key fashion and pay a management fee for the cost of operations.
You will be presented candidates based on the job requirements, participate in the interview process, select the candidates you wish to have us hire, and we will take care of the rest. Your team is responsible for managing the work, and Informatech Costa Rica will make sure that the employees are taken care of.

The cost structure of this model is simple as well – you pay all direct employee costs (including benefits) + a monthly Management and Administration Fee. Hourly cost will range from $25.00/hour to $40.00/hour depending on the experience level of the candidates selected.

Seriously, the productivity is equal, the skills are most-likely better than what you can find locally, and the rates are killer!

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